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Palestine's first true full-service day spa!

Jamie's Therapeutic Touch

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1730 Crockett Rd.
Palestine, Tx
903-723-7546 (skin)

Other times by appointment.

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With The Body Wrap System we have an average of 4 to 15 inches lost with each wrap.  We use a special formulation of aloe and herbs. No salts or chemicals.


The aloe Vera is very good for the skin and also penetrates.  We are using enzyme active aloe Vera to penetrate the toxic cleansing herbs down into your fatty deposits and your cellulite.  The toxins will be dissolved back into your lymph system.  Warm gel is then applied to help open your pores, allowing the solution to penetrate faster.


You will lounge comfortably in the wrap for 45 minutes, covered with a blanket to stay warm without perspiring.  During this time, there is enough dissipation of the fat cells to get a very definite inch loss.


After the wrap, you will need to drink about 4 liters of water in the next 24 hours to flush out those toxins – so they are gone – not like a water loss that would be right back.  You will be even smaller a day after your wrap, after drinking water.


There are no dehydrating salts or minerals in The Body Wrap System.  After the wrap, you will feel rested, fresh and inches smaller.


Fat is not heavy, so you may notice only a pound of weight loss, and then only after you have flushed your body with water.


We will wrap over your underwear (cotton is Best) or 2-piece bathing suit.  You will want to bring an extra pair of underwear if that’s what you are wrapped in.  To condition your skin for the wrap, bathe with no soap.  We recommend using our Body Contour Shampoo.  Use warm to hot water and a loofa or cloth, scrubbing extra where you want to lose most.  Do not use bar soap or any lotion on your skin before the wrap. These contain animal fat, which clogs pores.  We need your pores as open and clean as possible for the contour Gel to penetrate.


Spa treatment aids weight loss

H-P Staff Writer

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Anyone who has ever attempted a weight-loss program knows that it can at times be frustrating. Even a strict diet and exercise regime does not always give one the results they are looking for.

Body wrapping is a little known spa treatment that is becoming increasingly popular in helping people obtain the look they desire from a weight loss program - it gives instant results.

Local esthetician (skin care therapist) Jamie Pettiette-Rhone of Jamie's Therapeutic Touch in Palestine offers the treatment to an ever-increasing number of customers.

"I do anywhere from one to seven body wraps on a given day," she said. "Clients come from as far away as Tyler to get a body wrap treatment.

"I have customers of all shapes and sizes get treatments - thin and large, young and old, male and female," she added. "They have all had great success with it."

In just one 45 minute session, body wrap recipients have reported losing anywhere from four to 15 inches, giving them the immediate results they need to keep them going.

"It is a great way to kick start a weight-loss program," Rhone said. "And the inch loss from the treatments is permanent."

The body wrap process involves cleansing the skin and then applying an all natural contour gel all over the body. Before and after each wrap, the recipient is measured and the total inches lost are calculated.

"The treatment contains seaweed, aloe vera and other minerals that detoxify the body and rejuvenate the skin," Rhone said. "It is the seaweed that does most of the work."

During the session, the recipient is wrapped in a blanket and is allowed to relax, get a facial, a wax or a hand and foot treatment as desired.

"A body wrap detoxifies the body, getting rid of all the bad stuff we put into it," Rhone said. "It also helps with acne, sagging skin and stretch marks and helps reduce cellulite."

For three days following each treatment, the body continues its detoxification process, with many noting results in clothing fit as soon as the next day.

"I have had clients call me the day after and tell me their clothes are already loose," Rhone said. "I like to be able to help people feel better about themselves in this way."

To be most effective, the body wrap program requires one wrap treatment a week for six weeks, then just once or twice a month to maintain. And as the wrap regimen continues, the recipient will begin to see not only inch loss but weight loss as well.

"After a while, the treatments begin to not only remove toxins from the body," Rhone explained, "but they also begin getting rid of fat cells."

One can't just go home after a treatment and eat whatever they want, though - the program does require some work at home to make the results more effective.

"It works best if one drinks lots of water, eats healthily and exercises daily," she said. "I recommend walking an hour a day every day. Walking is the best exercise there is."

Palestine resident Ashley Gregory, who sees Rhone for regular wrap treatments, has experienced so much success with the treatments, she has recommended body wraps to her family and friends.

"I have seen a huge difference," she said. "Even my husband notices and that is really neat.

"It is very relaxing and is the best way to lose weight ever."

Jamie's Therapeutic Touch is located at 720 W. Palestine Ave in Palestine. The day spa is open seven days a week and offers a variety of skin care and body treatments including facials, waxing, and microderm abrasion.

Gifts certificates are available for any service. For more information, call Rhone at 903-723-7546.


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March 30, 2010
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