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Palestine's first true full-service day spa!

Jamie's Therapeutic Touch

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9:00 - 8:00

9:00 - 3:00

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1730 Crockett Rd.
Palestine, Tx
903-723-7546 (skin)

Other times by appointment.

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Staff Reports
The Palestine Herald

September 27, 2009

PALESTINE — For more than five years, Jamie's Therapeutic Touch full service day spa, has been known for its deep tissue massages, signature facials, manicures/pedicures and healthful detoxifying body wraps. And now, Jamie’s Therapeutic Touch is teaming up with national certified personal trainer Monnie Giles to bring Spa Boot Camp to Palestine. 

Spa Boot camp is a results-based six-weeks outdoor fitness program founded in Palestine that emphasizes interval training and nutrition for both men and women, to help fitness newcomers and athletes alike to maximize workouts and achieve fitness goals. 

Spa Boot Camp  allows people who want to enjoy all the benefits of boot camp but are not able to attend three sessions per week. This six-week military-style outdoor cardiovascular, endurance, strength, and fitness program is conducted at venues around the city. It is designed to encourage personal improvement and goal achievement in a supportive and encouraging group setting. Recruits are encouraged by instructors to compete not only against themselves, but work with others for the very best results.

Statistics show that people who work out with a partner or in group situations have greater results and stick with the fitness regimen longer or until they have met their fitness goals. Boot camp is designed to improve physique, cardiovascular fitness, tone muscles, reduce stress, improve mood and self-confidence, improve agility and power, burn calories, increase flexibility, enhance strength and stamina, increase bone density and lower the risk of diseases. 

All levels are welcome to join,  mo matter your age, size or fitness level. Whether you are a beginner, an avid fitness enthusiast or just tired of the same old routine, Spa Boot camp’s fun yet challenging workouts include run/walk, agility training, upper and lower body conditioning, core work and stretching. Giles has over three years of teaching experience. 

“Exercise can be boring,” owner Jamie Pettiette Rhone said. “But you just have to find a way to make it not so. Every workout is different, and we want to give people workouts that are fun, challenging, and effective. That's what keeps people coming back, and that's what gets results over the long haul."

"I want women and men everywhere to realize just how simple weight loss can be," Rhone added. 

For more information about products or services or to find out more about Spa Boot Camp, call 903-723-SKIN (7546) or visit www.spajamie.com

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March 30, 2010
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